Val Uff (Mr. Vincent)

I met Todd Inman at a film industry meet and greet event where he was scouting for an old clueless white guy to portray an out-of -touch-with reality CEO for his new web-series, "The Corporate Brother.” My strongest qualification for the role was my availability. By shrewdly taking advantage of the complete indifference of casting agents, directors, and even my own family, I have managed to be available whenever Todd has called.  Since most actors my age are either sick, dead or just can't hear the phone it seems like the role of " Mr. Vincent” is mine for the time being. So now I get to act dumb, say rude and ignorant things, even sing and dance...just like at home except that on the Corporate Brother I am encouraged to do these things. It’s ART.

My favorite episode so far is "Take ‘em to Church" because of course I just love soul food. I can't get enough of it especially in my neighborhood.  And that kid was SO DARN CUTE .