Angelo Watson-James (Raheem)

Hey it's Prince Raheem here, Aka hustle man. No. Sike. But seriously, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Angelo Watson-James. My profession is working for the state of New Jersey as Youth Group Worker. I enjoy working with inner city youth. I got the acting bug as an inner city youth dreaming of becoming another Robert De Niro slash Denzel Washington. I got my first break in 1998 when I was accepted into Mountview Theatre Conservatoire London, England. There I was classically trained and steeped into the theatre. I landed my first paying role a month before I graduated. This was a special time for me. And from that point I have worked in Hollywood in TV and Movies. I am a proud father of young children here in the Tri state area and it's a thrill raising them in all of their activities. The director of CB Todd Inman, “Bill” Joe Thomas and I are all members of the Mighty Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. So when Todd called upon my services I showed great enthusiasm for the series. My favorite episode is when Joe's character Bill tries to duck my character Raheem in CB The Short Film. It's pure comedy and also when Bill breaks into mocking the Candy Man song. This stuff is gut busting y'all. Check it out and we thank everyone for his or her support and supporting Todd the brainchild of this hilarious series.